Monday, May 27, 2013

It's Not Hard to Make Me Happy

It's not. I swear.

Just give me a (shiny, new, going to take forever to pay back but that's okay) camera to take pictures with,

Image's perfectly kissable nose.

a horse to snuggle,

Handsome critter!
and a pony thoroughly enjoying his massage.


On that note, R said that he was definitely less tight in his wither area, which was encouraging to hear. He was also moving quite a bit better on Saturday when I stuffed him in the round pen to place with my new camera. He was noticeably less stiff and choppy behind. I'm at work today, but am hoping to sneak out a bit early to go up to the barn and say hello. I had grand plans to do so yesterday, but after spending most of the afternoon with K and her son (not doing anything even remotely taxing!), I shuffled home, fell asleep at 5 PM, and didn't get up again until 5 AM this morning. I guess I was a little more tired than I thought...!

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  1. Love the chiro video. I prob. make the same faces when I see mine! haha