Sunday, June 9, 2013


Image has learned how to ground tie and won't move a hoof if I tell him to stand:

Such a good critter!

I, unfortunately, didn't get to see the little black horse this weekend. I was busy getting glitter bombed by a beautiful woman at the 2013 Boston LGBT Pride parade:

I was also busy getting sunburned. Ow.
And putting my camera through its paces on my first official outside shoot of 2013:

Dear friend, first outside client ever, and all around awesome person R and her very own little black horse, Argus!
Intensely busy week ahead...seeing the critter tomorrow, followed by a visit to J and Henry the Draft Horse Beastie, and then spending the rest of the week housesitting four Corgis, two and a half horses (one is a mini!) and one mini mule! I'll be much closer to Image and able to spend my afternoons fussing with him.

...provided I'm a little less sunburned by then, that is. Ouch!


  1. Ground tying is such an important skill to have. Love it!

  2. Replies
    1. Right?! It was epic. However, it's nearly a week later...and I'm STILL finding bits of glitter on me! ;D