Friday, June 7, 2013

Big Guns


Time to pull them out.

So, Image's last chiropractic appointment was both awesome and disheartening. Dr. Crane arrived in late afternoon on Monday and found his back and withers to be much improved over what she found last time. She had warned me at her first session that Image was either going to be much better, or much worse come the 2nd appointment, so she was pleased to find him much better. The only "issue" spot was the sacroiliac area on the right side -- that was relatively stuck and she had to spend some time working on it.

However, she was honest with me (after we had spent some time chatting about non-horsey related things): she felt that Image's issue in the hind end wasn't something she could correct with chiropractic work. I kind of had a gut feeling after her first appointment that this would be the case, but I decided to wait for one more appointment to make the decision to pursue a lameness workup for a traditional vet. Unfortunately, my gut feeling was right.

So, I've got feelers out to a few local vets (aka: The Big Guns) to see if they can give me a quote for a lameness workup. I expect to need x-rays, on top of whatever else needed to at least get me a solid idea of what the actual hell is going on with my silly little black horse.

I'm really, really hoping that this is going to give me a concrete answer as to what direction I need to take to either get him sound and rideable, or find a plan B if things go a different way.

Until's a picture of Bellasaria HM, a GORGEOUS Hanoverian filly bred by a coworker. I spent last Saturday at the Hof Mendenhall open house and had a blast learning about all things dressage and hanging out with awesome people.



  1. Sounds like you have your bases covered, but just in case you're still bet-hunting, we have a lameness guy that I really like. Good luck!

  2. The cute does hurt! Hope the vet gives you some good news.

  3. Keep going strong Amanda! Let me know if you need anything.