Saturday, January 10, 2015

How to Make Amanda Cry 101

Painting by Morrighainne.

I have very, very talented and KIND friends.

Pencil drawing by Sara.

Two separate friends, who do not know each other, somehow had the exact same idea. The top painting isn't finished, and the bottom pencil drawing is still in CA, but I am speechless. So much talent in two very, very incredible people.

I saw the painting in person last Sunday and when I posted it on Facebook, the artist that had done the pencil drawing commented, laughingly, that she had done basically the same thing. I only cried for, like, an hour each time when they were shown to that's something, right?

Best Christmas ever? Best Christmas ever. I miss these boys so much but am so grateful they were in my life.



  1. Both gorgeous pieces. I had no idea they weren't from the same photo, which was sort of silly of me...

  2. Just lovely as you are!

  3. Really belatedly catching up but what epic images & wonderful friends!